Episode 007: In financial services, relationships are everything. The best advisors build deep connections with their clients, understanding their needs and goals. Discover how financial services professionals are shaping a brighter, more client-centric future, from the power of co-creation to innovative marketing techniques. 

In this episode of Connected, Kyle is joined by Diana Cabrices, Founder and Fractional Chief Evangelist of Diana Cabrices Consulting. Diana shares her insights on building connections, executing successful succession plans, and creating standout brands in the financial advisory industry. She emphasizes the importance of vulnerability, storytelling, and personalized experiences in connecting with others. 

With a background in technology and a passion for supporting financial advisors, Diana also discusses the future of the financial industry, highlighting the need for tech-enabled companies and the growing importance of online reviews.

Join us as we discuss:

[01:17] – Introduction to Diana Cabrices.
[02:50] – Diana’s advice on building great connections with others.
[07:07] – Tips for connecting with an audience during presentations.
[10:28] – The role of a chief evangelist.
[16:28] – What it takes to execute a successful succession plan.
[19:36] – Insights on the future of the financial industry.
[22:02] – The importance of reviews in decision-making.
[28:40] – Strategies for building a standout brand as a financial advisor.
[34:46] – Diana’s experience teaching English abroad.
[39:57] – Tips on how financial advisory firms can supercharge their growth.
[42:19] – How to get connected with Diana.

Key Takeaways

Building connections requires vulnerability and the willingness to initiate conversations.
Successful succession planning involves starting early, asking the right questions, and focusing on compatibility and overcommunication.
To stand out in the financial advisory industry, firms should invest in marketing, creativity, and personalized experiences.
Online reviews play a crucial role in decision-making for financial services, regardless of whether the service is transactional or long-term.
The financial industry will likely see a cleanup and a shift towards tech-enabled companies prioritizing education and co-creation with clients.


“Tech companies want to build better connections with advisors, and they know having great people at the forefront is the best way to do that.” ~ Diana Cabrices

“Approach succession planning and M&A as you approach a new relationship on a romantic level. If you truly want to find that good fit, you have to dig deep. Compatibility and over-communication are key to any successful succession plan.” ~ Diana Cabrices 

“The best advisors that are going to do it right, that are going to be strong in this future industry that we have, they’re going be focused on not just giving a client a plan but co-creating through that whole process.”~ Diana Cabrices 


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