Episode 009: Real estate is not just about properties, it’s about people. It’s fostering meaningful connections that enrich your journey and your clients. From sparking interest through authentic engagement to crafting workplaces that inspire, the path to success in commercial real estate is lined with the ability to build better connections, the discipline of prospecting, and the commitment to growth.

In this episode of Connected, Kyle talks with Charlie Harrison, Senior Vice President at Capital Real Estate Group. They talk about building better connections and growing a real estate business. Charlie shares his insights on building rapport and connecting with others, emphasizing the importance of being authentic and asking meaningful questions. He also discusses the current trends in office space and the return to the office. He highlights the value of location, amenities, and flexible space design. Furthermore, Charlie shares his disciplined approach to prospecting and the importance of consistent outreach.


Join us as we discuss:

[01:01] – Charlie’s personal and professional background.

[02:24] – Charlie’s advice for people who want to build better connections with others.

[04:45] – How Charlie developed his ability to connect with others.

[07:25] – How Charlie creates a network that can significantly improve his business’ growth.

[09:17] – The similarity between Charlie’s role as a commercial real estate broker and a financial advisor.

[15:47] – The latest trends in office space.

[20:21] – Designing office environments for better connection and collaboration.

[22:27] – Charlie’s advice for finding the right person to help with office space search.

[25:38] – Why cold outreach is still important in the real estate industry.

[30:06] – Overcoming the fear of rejection in cold outreach.

[34:17] – How Charlie manages the various aspects of his business.

[38:54] – Charlie’s experience as a professional golfer.

[43:33] – Why Charlie is passionate about the Parkinson’s Foundation.


Key Takeaways

Building better connections requires authenticity and asking meaningful questions.
The return to the office is happening, with professional services firms leading the way.
Location, amenities, and flexible space design are important factors in office space selection.
Working with a knowledgeable advisor can help find the right office space and negotiate favorable terms.
Consistent prospecting and outreach are key to growing a business.



“People inherently want to talk about what they do and what matters most to them. And if you can find basic ways to get in front of folks and pique their interest, they’ll gladly talk to you about what they’ve done, what they’re doing, and what they plan to do.” ~ Charlie Harrison

“If you, as an employer, are going to ask or mandate that your employees be back in the office, it helps to honestly give that employee a workplace that is superior to what they feel they have at home.” ~ Charlie Harrison

“Real estate is prospecting intentionally. It’s like having a boat driving along in the ocean, and you get to determine the number of fishing lines you dangle off the back of the boat.” ~ Charlie Harrison



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