Episode 011: As an organization surges forward, it navigates a path filled with complexities, intricacies, and diverse dynamics. Regulatory developments, technological advancements, and shifting investor expectations all play a role in transforming wealth management and financial services.

In this episode of Connected, Kyle Van Pelt is joined by Aaron Jasper, CEO of Mutual Group. They discuss how Mutual Group, a combination of an RIA and an independent broker-dealer, achieved its current success. Aaron attributes their impressive growth to their passionate team and mission of powering the success of financial advisors. He emphasizes the importance of being a good partner to financial advisors and the value of personalized service. 

Aaron talks to Kyle about the challenges of scalability and regulatory change associated with running a dual organization.

Join us as we discuss:

[01:53] – Aaron’s background and how he got into the financial services industry.

[04:06] – Factors contributing to Mutual Group’s impressive growth.

[05:46] – Mutual Group’s philosophy on partnering with advisors.

[09:13] – The companies from which Mutual Group draws inspiration.

[13:39] – The complexities of running a dual organization.

[19:41] – How compliance and service converge.

[23:20] – Balancing intentional plans with rapid growth.

[28:01] – Aaron’s thoughts on the future of the financial industry.

[33:17] – Aaron’s personal adventures outside of work.

Key Takeaways

Mutual Group’s impressive growth can be attributed to its passionate team and commitment to serving financial advisors.

Being a good partner to advisors requires active listening, collaboration, and transparency.

Scaling service in a complex organization requires flexibility and customization.

The future of the industry will see more specialization, technological innovation, and increased regulation.

The needs of investors for personalized, relationship-oriented financial advice will not change.


“How do you serve others well? First and foremost, I think it comes down to being a really good listener and not coming at it from the point of view that says, ‘We know better.’ Being just incredibly collaborative.” ~ Aaron Jasper

“What’s good service today isn’t necessarily going to be good service tomorrow. I think the bar always needs to be raised. That’s a good thing and a worthy challenge to pursue.” ~ Aaron Jasper

“Financial advice being delivered by financial advisors is going to be still a very human kind of flesh-to-flesh, heart-to-heart, and face-to-face interaction. The industry, though, will continue to see lots of new enhancements and changes, but that’s just been inevitable.” ~ Aaron Jasper


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