Optimism isn't the Opposite of Reality

TL;DR – Even when data exists in on prem monolithic closed systems, there is a path forward.  Facilitating an integration of emerging technologies in...

The Financial Services/Wealth Technology Innovation Problem is Really a Data Problem

TL;DR – Download a checklist to help you select new technology to stave off buyer’s remorse.  Back in the “Before Times,” when we’d all...

InvestmentNews: Can Mackrill’s new Milemarker take AdviserTech integrations the extra mile?

Originally Published by InvestmentNews When it comes to integrations among various AdviserTech solutions — with more and more integrations necessary as the breadth of...

Look Outside

TL;DR – You need to look outside your own industry to find the expertise your industry needs. It started off as a Twitter joke. ...

What Is Integration as a Service?

TL;DR – Data and applications that are already in the cloud and the ones that hide in on-premise data silos can be brought together into...

Welcome To Milemarker

TL;DR – Milemarker exists to make good on the promises of fintech – streamlined processes with fully integrated data. It’s possible and you can...

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