Advisor-Driven Estate Planning Solutions with Matt Morris

Episode 018: In this week’s episode of Milemarker’s Connected Podcast, I talk with Matt Morris, CEO of EncorEstate Plans. We talk through the challenges people face when it comes to estate planning and different options for how to go about creating a plan, including the advisor-driven approach.

Here are a few key takeaways from this week’s ep:

Estate planning is a critical but often overlooked aspect of financial planning, with many people not having a plan in place.

Technology has made estate planning more accessible, but many people still prefer to work with a trusted advisor who can guide them through the process.

Financial advisors have a unique opportunity to integrate estate planning into their services and provide a comprehensive client experience.

The future of the wealth management industry lies in advisors acting as quarterbacks, leveraging technology to provide a full range of services to their clients.

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Kyle Van Pelt