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Technology plays an essential role in every industry, and financial services are no exception. With the growing demand for real-time data, personalized investment recommendations, and streamlined workflows, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a robust and comprehensive platform to manage and deliver the services clients need efficiently.

In this episode, Ryan and George talk with Jud Mackrill, Co-Founder of Milemarker, General Partner at Mammoth, and Advisory Board Member for LifeYield. Jud was introduced to financial services when he began working at Orion in 2004, where he served in several roles, including leading technology implementation. He gained insight into the advisor and the client’s pain points through these roles. Today, Jud is well versed in helping companies dramatically increase value with his portfolio of experience and is passionate about modernizing independent wealth management and helping make private investment more accessible and transparent throughout the fast-growing Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) channel.

Having a goal of helping advisory firms become more valuable and impactful, Jud talks to Ryan and George about his multifaceted tenure in the financial services industry and how his unique skills and experience shape his perspective on the industry going forward. Also, he speaks about how Milemarker powers advisory firms, his approach to addressing the challenges faced by most advisory firms, and what it takes for advisors to build a massive advisory platform.


Key Takeaways

[00:59] – Jud’s journey into financial services and how he got to where he is today.

[06:41] – How Milemarker powers advisory platforms.

[09:07]- The type of clients Milemarker works with.

[12:12] – Jud’s approach to addressing the challenges most advisory firms face.

[13:47] – How Milemarker engages with other portfolio management stakeholders.

[14:28] – How data streaming is transforming financial services.=

[18:17] – The applications of data streaming in general.

[20:41] – Why businesses should invest in data infrastructure.

[22:38] – What it takes for advisors to build a massive advisory platform.

[25:07] – What inspired Jud to partner with Mammoth.

[29:41] – How Mammoth Health & Tech Fund 1 works.

[34:16] – What advisors can gain from conferences like Orion Ascent.



[04:50] – “My goal is to help make advisory firms more valuable and impactful in this industry, from streamlining their technology and controlling their data integrations and workflows to accessing unique investments they already want and modernizing their communication and brand building.” ~ Jud Mackrill

[10:52] – “Every advisory firm is like a snowflake. They’re different but have many of the same common denominators. They ultimately want to manifest uniquely, and they want to differentiate.” ~ Jud Mackrill

[13:04] – “What are the three most important things a client needs to know from their financial advisor whenever they think of them or whenever they think of their life? And if we can simplify that, we can deliver something truly excellent. And that’s transformational to these businesses.” ~ Jud Mackrill