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As financial services become more technology-driven, the role of data in providing a seamless advisor-client experience has become more important. From initial engagement to the ongoing relationship, every stage of the journey is critical to the success of the advisor and the financial institution. However, with data being spread across multiple systems and sources, how can advisors access the information they need at the right time?

In this episode, Ryan and George talk with Kyle Van Pelt, CEO of Milemarker. Prior to his role, Kyle was the Executive VP for Sales at Skience, a Solutions Manager at SS&C Advent, and the VP of Partnerships at Riskalyze. His wealth of knowledge in the financial services industry and his passion for technology made him the right leader to take Milemarker into its next era of growth and development.

Focused on building an organization where people can thrive, Kyle speaks to Ryan and George about why clean data plays a crucial role in financial services, how data drives better business, and what impact clean and connected data has on the overall financial services industry.


Key Takeaways

[01:27] – A look at Kyle’s journey to becoming Milemarker’s CEO.

[05:17] – Why clean data plays a crucial role in financial services.

[06:46] – How Milemarker serves its clients.

[11:53] – The importance of having the right data model in financial services.

[14:33] – What companies are looking for in executive dashboards.

[17:27] – How increasing data accessibility will result in millions of additional net income.

[21:35] – The impact of data integration on the overall financial services industry.

[29:46] – One of the biggest pain points in the financial market.

[32:32] – How financial services have struggled with data integration for so long.

[35:57] – How Orion works with enterprise firms with multiple advisors and accounts.

[40:25] – The biggest driver of technology adoption.

[42:39] – How the Orion fiduciary framework works.



[04:58] – “Financial advisors are honorable and noble in many ways, and they help people achieve goals and success. And I love helping them build things that make their lives better, more efficient, and easier.” ~ Kyle Van Pelt

[06:05] – “Data is like the oxygen for software. Clean data for your firm means you can have clean data to serve your advisors, and advisors can have clean data to serve their clients.” ~ Kyle Van Pelt

[35:20] – “Everybody uses performance reporting and portfolio management solutions. They all use CRM, and they’re all trying to do the planning. What differentiates those firms is the advisors themselves and the processes.”  ~ Kyle Van Pelt