ATLANTA, GA – October 3, 2022 – Milemarker (, a technology provider that helps advisors maximize their use of Orion Advisor Solutions and its Amazon Redshift initiative, has announced dedicated support for the platform. In addition to providing support for the API, Eclipse, and Amazon Redshift initiatives, Milemarker is focused on helping firms achieve success building applications on top of Orion. This move will help advisors make the most of all that Orion has to offer.  

“We are excited to be working with Milemarker and helping them leverage our technology,” said President of Orion Advisor Technology, Brian McLaughlin. “Their dedication to service and focus on advisor success mirrors our own values.”  

In May 2022, Orion announced its industry-wide effort to advocate for the adoption of real-time data sharing technology to improve data accessibility and transparency for independent advisors. By leveraging cloud-based data warehousing technologies from Amazon Redshift, Orion is in a leading role in bringing this service to market and uniting the industry in a future-forward effort to move away from antiquated data infrastructure and processes. 

Milemarker Cofounder Jud Mackrill served as Orion’s marketing and design leader during his 14 years with Orion, and much of Milemarker’s market focus is built on the needs he found advisory firms had during his time at Orion.  

“We have just begun to scratch the surface of what firms can do with more modern approaches to data.” Said CEO of Milemarker, Kyle Van Pelt. “What Orion is doing with their new Redshift initiative is very innovative and will open up tons of possibilities for their clients. We are honored to partner with them on this.” 

Adam Palmer, Vice President of Strategic Product Development at Orion, adds, “This opportunity moves just-in-time reporting into the hands of the advisor. Beyond improved data accessibility, cloud-based real-time data has the potential to solve an industry-wide issue of reconciliation. We’re at the beginning of a transformative time and adoption of cloud-based data sharing will be key to moving the industry toward realizing real-time trade reconciliation.”  

“Milemarker has been a key partner in helping us build our platform for advisors while leveraging the core solutions we need from Orion” said Christopher Horvath, VP of Taiko. He added, “Milemarker has the key knowledge, technology, and dedication to service we look for in our partnerships.” 

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About Milemarker 

Milemarker is a financial services-based technology and consulting provider focused exclusively on delivering solutions that help RIA’s, Broker Dealers, TAMPs, Family Offices and Technology companies scale, integrate and deliver for their clients. Milemarker is privately owned and operated and is based in Atlanta, Georgia with team members across the US and Canada.