Onboarding New Clients Made Easy with Lacey Shrum

Episode 022: In this episode of Milemarker’s The Connected Advisor Podcast, I sit down for a conversation with Lacey Shrum, Founder of Smart Kx.

With a background in law, Lacey saw the need for better automation and efficiency in the fee and contract processes for financial advisors. Lacey explains how Smart Kx streamlines the client onboarding process, optimizes fee schedules, and ensures accurate billing. She also touches on the importance of providing a seamless client experience and how automation can help advisors grow organically.

Key takeaways from the episode:

Smart Kx helps financial advisors optimize client onboarding, draft fee schedules, and automate the billing process.

Customizable fee schedules are a common challenge for advisors, and Smart Kx ensures that the fees in the contract match the fees calculated in the system.

Automating the client onboarding process and reducing friction can help advisors grow organically and provide a better client experience.

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Kyle Van Pelt