Episode 046: In this episode of The Connected Advisor, Kyle Van Pelt talks with Sammy Azzouz, President and CEO of Heritage Financial Services. Sammy talks about his journey from law school to wealth management and the importance of providing comprehensive financial services to clients. He emphasizes the value of breaking down silos and having holistic conversations about money. Sammy also shares insights on the industry’s future, the role of technology in supporting advisors and enhancing the client experience, and the need for firms to focus on organic growth.

The future of wealth management involves breaking down silos and offering clients a comprehensive suite of solutions that can foster a culture of ownership and leverage technology for a seamless client experience. By reinvesting resources into their team and client experience, advisory firms can build a loyal workforce and position themselves for long-term success in today’s competitive environment.

In this episode of The Connected Advisor, Kyle talks with Sammy Azzouz, President and CEO of Heritage Financial Services. In his role, Sammy leads a dynamic organization that provides meticulous wealth management services to clients. He keeps the firm at the cutting edge of the wealth management industry by charting a long-term strategic course and driving the execution of the firm’s strategic initiatives. Sammy is also the author of Beyond the Basics: Maximizing, Allocating, and Protecting Your Capital, and the host of Heritage Financial’s podcast, Wealthy Behavior.

Key Takeaways

Breaking down silos and providing comprehensive financial services is crucial to staying competitive in the industry.

Employee ownership can contribute to a positive company culture and long-term success.

Dedicated resources should be allocated to train and develop advisors in business development.

The future of the industry may involve increased collaboration among RIAs and custodians to offer integrated solutions to clients.

Technology, such as AI and analytics, can enhance the client experience and improve operational efficiency.


 “Money is probably the most stressful thing that people deal with. If you can help people with it, you can have a huge impact on their lives.” ~ Sammy Azzouz

“As you grow, you have more resources to reinvest into the client experience and your team. You want to start thinking strategically about those additional services to add value to the client and dig deeper into a pathway you’ve already set for yourself.” ~ Sammy Azzouz

“Employee ownership is important. It’s important for multiple people to think day in and day out like business owners. Owners are definitely better than renters in a company, and it’s something important and helpful in our industry.” ~ Sammy Azzouz

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