It’s Super Bowl weekend!

Whether you’re rooting for your favorite team, looking forward to the halftime show, or simply enjoying the time with friends and family, I hope you have a great weekend.

I’ve been a 49ers fan since I was a kid, but I won’t hold my breath that they can hold back the momentum of the Chiefs the past few weeks.

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Why 2024 is the Year You Will Get Real About Owning Your Data

From Practice to Enterprise – James Bogart 🎧

Milemarker on the Road

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The Expectation Revolution: What It Really Means to Cultivate a Meaningful Client Experience

Apple released its brand-new Vision Pro headset late last week.

If you want to spend $3,499, you can order a pair, pop them on, and enter a new reality.

Or, you can watch this 10-minute classic Casey Neistat video where he walks through NYC with the Apple Vision Pro headset and shares his take on the experience:

You no longer need a cookbook or an iPad with a recipe pulled up.

You no longer need your phone to respond to text messages.

And you certainly no longer need a TV to pull up Netflix.

I went down a rabbit hole of watching videos like this, one of people sharing how these goggles are reshaping the way they experience their everyday life and giving us a glimpse into the future of spatial computing.

Now, I’m not saying that this revolution is going to happen tomorrow, but it’s certainly the direction we’re heading – whether we like it or most likely feel oddly uncomfortable about it.

The Expectation Revolution

What’s undeniable is our need to adapt and understand the experience and expectation revolution unfolding before us.

We must become observers of our clients, our culture, and the advancements shaping our reality.

The expectation revolution is because every moment you are exposed to an entirely new experience, like extraordinary computing that makes sense in real life – your expectations have forever shifted.

How we choose to adapt to it or not shapes our client experience daily.

I am currently working with a large, globally recognized investment bank, and I could list a million examples of how antiquated their tech is.

This one experience highlights the immense opportunity that exists for us to not only meet client expectations but surpass them and create a truly remarkable experience.

But it doesn’t start with goggles. 

And it doesn’t even necessarily start with the latest and greatest fintech tools.

It starts with us understanding that every bit of interaction is experience, and every interaction matters.

From the way that you answer the phone.

To the follow-up email you send.

To how we express empathy during a client’s difficult time.

Are we fixated solely on technical solutions, scale, and integration, or are we attuned to the human aspect of our profession?

If we’re not actively honing our understanding of client experiences, are we serving our clients in the best way possible?

The future of client engagement lies not in the gadgets we wield but in our ability to cultivate meaningful connections and deliver meaningful experiences.

On the Pod

Episode 029: In this week’s episode of Milemarker’s The Connected Advisor Podcast, Kyle sits down for a conversation with James Bogart, CEO & President at Bogart Wealth.

James discusses how education and value creation have fueled Bogart Wealth’s explosive growth. James also shares how transitioning to digital platforms helped grow his practice, the challenges of rapid expansion, and the importance of a strong team and culture.

Key takeaways from this week’s episode:

Educated investors are powerful investors.

Providing valuable content and actionable steps builds trust and attracts clients.

The shift to digital events during the pandemic opened up new opportunities for growth and reach.

Growth requires a strong team, delegation, and a culture of collaboration.

The episode is available now on your favorite podcast platform as well as a video version on YouTube. While there, please don’t forget to Download, Like, and Subscribe.

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Written by Jud Mackrill

Edited by Amy Simpson