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Happy Independence Day weekend to all of our stateside readers.

This week I’m jamming on a ton of thoughts. At the same time, I fly from Dallas to Atlanta after meeting with multiple fascinating RIAs who are building significant offerings to help them develop and scale the next stage of their growth.

Here’s this week’s Connected:

  1. We launched our Pod! 🎧
  2. Harvard Longevity Study – What Does It Mean for Advisors and What Does it Mean for All of Us?
  3. Crafting Your Own Michelin Guide
  4. Forecasting Your Fee Billing & Payouts Made Simple
  5. Inspiring Creativity Amid Constraints via Iceland’s Person of the Year

On the Pod

Listen to the very first episode.

This week we officially launched episode one of the Connected podcast. We enjoyed spending time with Steve Zuschin discussing how authentic relationships are key to delivering meaningful work that matters. Steve is the Chief Revenue Officer at Mammoth Technology, where he is on a mission to provide a single lens across your alternatives. What he’s building is genuinely next-level.

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The Secret to Longevity & What That Means for Your RIA

As medical advancements have increased exponentially over the last 100 years, so too have life expectancies. But are our longer lives truly happier, fuller ones?

In 1938, Harvard researchers set out to better understand health, happiness, and longevity by studying a group of then-sophomore Harvard University students. A diligent team of researchers has continually followed up with these men throughout the years, delving into detail about their medical records, feelings, life events, success, and failures.

What the study found was remarkable.

It revealed that the depth and quality of our relationships is the most significant predictor of a long and happy life, surpassing factors including career success, social status, IQ, and even genetics.

Numerous studies have revealed a fascinating insight: the level of satisfaction individuals experience in their relationships at 50 years old proves to be a more accurate indicator of their physical health than even their cholesterol levels.

With the average age of a wealth management client being ~62 ( and the average age of a financial advisor being ~55 (JD Power), it seems like real authentic relationships are make or break for your clients and for you.


When one of my colleagues posted this in our shared Slack channel this past week, I read the article in detail, and it got me thinking. When we read about lasting relationships, we often think of the ones with our families and spouses.

But what about your relationships with your clients?

As your client’s trusted advisor, your relationship with them needs to extend beyond mere transactions. In some ways, both of your lives depend on it.

Here are some ways you can continue to deepen your connection with your clients:

Consistent, Meaningful Communication

Proactively contact clients to address their concerns, answer questions, and offer guidance. Don’t wait for them to reach out. Everyone sends birthday cards, but who’s reaching out about other life milestones?

Personalize Your Approach

Tailor your advice and recommendations to their circumstances, considering their values. Make sure your notes from client meetings are flowing into your CRM and driving your actions.

Community Building

It might take a lot of work to throw an annual party for your clients to attend with their families, but the memories you make with them will build more than wealth.

What are some ways you connect with your clients that have created deep connections? I’d love to chat about this.

Visit the full article on the 1938 Harvard Study here.

Forecasting Your Fee Billing and Payouts, Automatically.

In an awesome note, as you are going into quarter-end – I wanted to give a shout-out to our team at Milemarker, who has done tremendous work to help automate the ability for firms to know and calculate unique payouts (with nearly unlimited custom rules) automatically.

I’ve worked with advisors for 20 years, and to be able to automate your unique rules on top of your fee billing has remained elusive.

As Biggie said “Mo’ Advisors, Mo’ Complexity.”

As you add more third-party relationships (referral arrangements, custodial programs, third-party asset partnerships) your billing and forecasting billing quickly becomes unmanageable.

Our team at Milemarker has been heads down working to solve this problem for firms, and I want to give them a much due shout-out.

We’d love to chat if you’d like to streamline your billing forecasting and calculations.

Creating Your Own Michelin Guide

The origin of the Michelin Star rating is quite impressive. Born out of a marketing campaign, this rating system is now one of the highest honors that a restaurant can achieve.

Check out the history below:

What types of useful content can you create today for your clients that may give life to something down the road?

The answer might be right in front of you.

If you are running a regional RIA, you can start with your own series of dining or travel guides.

At our house, we are continually curating a recommendation list of the places to eat and things to do in Charleston. Charleston is a tourist destination, but cutting through the noise and finding the best restaurant, bars, tours and sites can be a challenge.

While some people’s first instinct is to keep their favorite non-touristy pizza place or dessert spot to themselves, sharing the best-kept secrets with your clients means you’re inviting them into the secret with you. It’s something they will likely appreciate and serves as a way to connect with them beyond financial advice.

Additionally, this could be something that you include your clients in.

What are the places that your clients recommend in your city or area?

Suddenly, you now have a collaborative project where your clients feel involved, and their input is valued. Plus, maybe you’ll find your new favorite restaurant or weekend activity along the way.

What are the top cookie or dessert recipes that your clients make for their families? You can compile a recipe booklet each December 1 to inspire the holiday tables of your clients and community?

Do you have a significant alumni base in a sports city? Create a gameday guide to provide a schedule of the season along with invitations to your tailgates and any related events.

Remember that the key to making these things go beyond their primary purposes. It is to foster engagement, collaboration, and a sense of community. In so doing, you can create a meaningful and long-lasting connection beyond the traditional client-advisor relationship by involving your clients, seeking their input, and providing value beyond financial services.

What are you already doing like this?

I’d love to hear what you are doing to make unique things that can be way bigger than just a marketing campaign.

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Iceland’s Person of the Year Is Creating a Better World for Everyone

Haraldur Thorleifsson may not be a name you hear every day. To me, Halli has been an inspiration for years.

As of the most effective design leaders, Halli has been leading the design conversation and building amazing things for Google, Facebook, Reuters, Uber, Redbull, the New York Times, Apple, Verizon, and more.

Hailing from Iceland, his unique approach of wit, compassion, and a distinct eye for quality have made him a modern icon for all of us who design the future of modern technology.

Halli was also recently the ire of his new boss, Elon Musk in a much talked about exchange on Twitter.

Most people would never know that Halli deals with a debilitating disease.

I am sharing his talk from Figma’s Config conference last week because I found it truly inspiring. As your clients, yourself, and your team navigate the world, Halli’s approach to life may give you a boost of inspiration as you look beyond your constraints.

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