TL;DR – Your business needs a guide to create and implement a best in class technology plan.

white refrigerator with assorted food

Every morning, I wake up earlier than my four children and follow the same routine. The dog helps me wake them up and we all wind up in the kitchen where I’ve prepared their breakfast and put the finishing touches on their lunches. We fill water bottles together. I gather their masks from the laundry room and off they go. 

I plan for those mornings each weekend – setting our meal plan, ordering groceries, lining it all up. But I don’t eat breakfast and most days when lunch rolls around, I stare into the refrigerator and wonder how long it would take to get to Chipotle and back. 

Why Am I Like This?

Why do I only plan for them? Well, it’s my job to do it. And I really like that job. But, it’s so much harder to think of caring for myself as valid work. It’s just too easy to toss my own needs for the tyranny of the urgent. 

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Your clients need you to create a plan for them and you do it. 

  • If you’re an advisor, you’ve likely come to terms with the idea that the future of financial advice is planning. You’re looking for tools and systems that help you deliver more nuanced advice to provide your clients with deeper confidence in their futures. 
  • If you serve advisors with back or middle office technology or support, you’ve no doubt spent hours navigating how to increase adoption by breaking into advisor processes. You’ve planned and executed over and over again to gain ground.

But, What About You?

What about your firm’s future? Who is planning for you? 

It’s quite easy to let your own business concerns not stay front and center as you seek to provide deeper value to your clients. If you find yourself staring into the proverbial fridge at lunch each day, it’s time to put your business back on your own radar. 

Of course, knowing when your business needs more peanut butter, or how quickly you are cycling through eggs, means you need to be able to see what’s going on through a lens that’s actionable. 

Solutions Built For Success

There are obvious solutions to what ails your firm that are hiding in the data you can’t process. How can you set yourself up for success?

You need your own planner. You need a trusted guide.  You need someone who can come alongside you to offer the kind of consulting you only get from people who’ve been there before. There are lots of great consultants in our industry and the ones who provide guidance with accountability are the ones you can trust much faster. 

At our core, that’s what Milemaker is all about. We come alongside the firms we serve to make a technology plan that solves for the biggest hurdles you’re facing. You’ll probably find some similarities in our process to your own: 


Initial ConsultationResearchAction PlanImplementation
Our experts will connect with you, at no charge, to understand your core data needs, pain points and largest obstacles.We interview you and your team, survey your architecture, integrations, reporting and business processes to give you a clear assessment that will guide your data initiativesWe distill the conversations, data, and ideas into actionable next steps.We execute on the established plan.


Just like financial advisors come alongside their clients to create a plan and see it through, Milemarker creates a plan designed to meet your goals. We exist to help you make a plan for your future and walk with you as you execute it. 

If you’re ready to plan for your firm’s future, reach out today.