Fractional Chief Data Officer (FCDO)

Make Headway on Your Data, Analytics and Integrations Minus Headache

The team at Milemarker has extensive experience on both sides of the table and most importantly is able to think dynamically to help our clients achieve their goals – all while increasing the pace of progress.

Setting Your Waypoints, Helping You Achieve Success

Milemarker is committed to your success and provides you with a proven operating system that helps unique initiatives align with your broader organization for maximum impact.

Seamless Data Integration

Connect your data in your data warehouse using your own rules and timing
  • Portfolio Accounting Data
  • CRM Data
  • HR & Payroll Data
  • Marketing Data
  • Flat Files & Legacy System Data

Complete Control

With Milemarker's ETL system, you can control the frequency of your data loads as well as the data you choose to load from each unique system.
  • Portfolio Accounting Data
  • Data Normalization Support
  • Advanced ETL (Extract Transform Load) Support
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Ongoing Integration & Increasing Connectivity

Real-Time Data Streaming

Milemarker helps you leverage modern data streams for real-time data loading, providing cutting-edge solutions like:
  • Portfolio Accounting Data
  • Orion Redshift Support
  • Salesforce Streaming to Snowflake Support
  • Snowflake Marketplace Data Connections
  • Ongoing Future Support

Our Tech Stack

Maximize the value of your data with our cutting-edge software solutions. From efficient data management and powerful analytics to robust governance and security, our tech stack empowers you to stay ahead in today’s data-driven world.


Talk with

Our team can help you:

  Evaluate your firm’s back-office technology requirements.
  Conduct demos of products that align with your needs.
  Architect a solution to enhance the experience and data accessibility for your advisors.
  Expedite your back-office setup through our dedicated implementation and support services.
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