Transform your ClickHouse data into the format you need

Process your ClickHouse data in a way that is convenient for you, with the ability to transform it into any other format after-the fact.

Build better business intelligence reports with the data you already have in your ClickHouse

Get the full power over your data

Replicating your ClickHouse data to multiple destinations is easy with this tool. You only have one more step before being able transfer all of the information you need in order for things like invoices and orders, as well as contacts from them; replicated across different platforms!

Standardize your API responses automatically

The ultimate way to get the most out of your API is by getting both raw data and exploded code.

Get your data exactly the way you want it

The data is always transformed the way you need it, and even sequences can be used so that everything gets loaded into your cloud warehouse in exactly one go.

About ClickHouse

ClickHouse is an open-source database management system for online analytical processing that takes the innovative approach of using a column based storage structure. It’s easy to use right out of box and touted as being hardware efficient, extremely reliable with linearly scalable performance – between 100x faster than traditional databases who write row after endless rows Row Data To Disk Allowing Analytical Reports To Be Generated InReal Time

Best in Class Data Integration

Get all your data flowing when and where you need it. Our powerful platform makes it easy to connect to any data source, process and transform your data, and begin to built it into the analytics, workflows and experiences you need.

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