Episode 015: One of the biggest challenges in managing a wealth management firm is integrating various systems and platforms to create a seamless workflow. This challenge can often feel like trying to piece together a complex puzzle where every component must fit perfectly to maintain a technological edge in the industry. In such a rapidly evolving field, providing a comprehensive infrastructure for advisors is essential, as it allows them to concentrate their efforts on what truly matters: exceptional client service and sustainable growth.

In this episode of Connected, Kyle talks with Kyle Wesley, Chief Digital Officer at Bleakley Financial Group. They discuss the challenges of managing a firm, the importance of integration in the technology stack, and the future of the industry. Kyle also shares insights on how Bleakley supports its advisors and leverages technology to provide a seamless experience. He highlights the role of technology and artificial intelligence in driving growth and efficiency.

Join us as we discuss:

[02:10] – Being a Penn State Nittany Lion fan.

[03:38] – The role of a chief digital officer in an RIA.

[05:49] – How to stay on top of technology changes in the industry.

[07:03] – Bleakley’s predefined technology stack.

[08:30] – Bleakley’s criteria for integrating its core systems.

[10:23] – Advisors’ support system at Bleakley.

[14:46] – The challenges of managing a platform.

[17:38] – What it takes to implement technology in a platform.

[21:58] – The challenge of integrating multiple platforms.

[26:09] – The use of Power BI for data analysis.

[30:11] – Kyle’s thoughts on the future of the financial advisory industry.

[35:23] – Kyle’s favorite thing to do outside of work.


Key Takeaways

  1. Providing a comprehensive infrastructure for advisors allows them to focus on client service and growth.
    Integration is a key challenge in managing a technology stack, and Bleakley prioritizes seamless integration between platforms.
  2. The future of the industry lies in a centralized data warehouse and a user interface that brings together all the necessary tools and information.
  3. AI has the potential to revolutionize the industry by automating processes and providing personalized insights for advisors.



“In everything we do, we pilot with a small user group. We get more feedback before we roll it out slowly to a broader group until it is fully rolled out to all advisors and staff.” ~ Kyle Wesley

“The challenging part of any integration is if you have different platforms, it’s never going to be completely seamless. So that’s definitely the challenge because you have to teach everyone where you need to go for which thing, and it’s not going to be one spot.” ~ Kyle Wesley

“Cybersecurity, in general, is probably the biggest threat to our business. But if you’re able to normalize the data because you have it from so many sources, that’s where AI becomes more meaningful.” ~ Kyle Wesley



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