Episode 014: The role of cryptocurrency in financial advisory has been a topic of increasing interest and debate. Digital currencies, their potential to reshape the financial landscape, credibility crises, and the urgent need for a clear regulatory framework have all contributed to this conversation. While crypto has its share of trials, it has the potential to revolutionize the financial advisory industry. And the key lies in embracing this transformative technology responsibly, along with comprehensive education and regulatory clarity.

In this episode of Connected, Kyle talks with Tyrone Ross, CEO and Co-Founder of Turnqey Labs and President and Founder of 401 Financial. They discuss how cryptocurrency can play a role in the financial advisory industry. As one of the go-to voices for all things crypto, Tyrone discusses his work in cryptocurrency and why financial professionals need to embrace blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as part of the evolving financial landscape. Tyron also highlights how Turnqey Labs and 401 Financial help advisors provide informed advice to clients regarding their crypto holdings.

Finally, Tyrone emphasizes the value of understanding and helping others by getting close to their experiences, highlighting society’s need for empathy and compassion. His experience helping homeless individuals reminds us that humanity and compassion should be integral to financial professionals’ work.

Join us as we discuss:

[02:04] – How Tyrone’s meeting with the SEC about crypto turned out.
[05:23] – What people think about crypto at the moment.
[10:18] – A comparison between the rise of AI and the rise of crypto.
[13:46] – Why “crypto winter” looms in the industry at present.
[18:48] – The value Turnqey brings to advisors.
[24:21] – Tyrone’s second venture, 401 Financial, and what its mission is about.
[27:10] – What 401 Financial’s reverse referral program is about.
[29:00] – Building a unique tech stack for 401 to cater to specific client needs.
[35:00] – Get proximate: what it means and how it works.
[41:56] – Humanity and compassion in a divided world.
[43:16] – Tyrone’s weekly cupcake tradition and its significance.

Key Takeaways

The importance of education and regulatory clarity in the crypto space.
The transformative potential of cryptocurrencies in providing financial access to underserved communities.
The growing role of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the financial industry.
Turnqey Labs aims to simplify the crypto space for financial advisors, making it easy for them to provide informed advice to clients regarding their crypto holdings.


“Everything crypto is going through now is self-inflicted wounds. We’ve anointed the wrong people to be the face of the space.” ~ Tyrone Ross

“I think the approach to educating advisors has been wrong, which is why, between Turnqey and 401, we’re trying to turn that upside down to give advisors everything they need.” ~ Tyrone Ross

“The main thing with 401 is I wanted to provide financial planning to people that have never had it before. I wanted to provide financial planning services in your pocket to get people who have never used an advisor, to get them into it.” ~ Tyrone Ross


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