The wealth management industry recognizes that its purpose extends beyond pursuing financial returns. It stands on the foundations of trust and human connections to help individuals live the lives they envision, achieving their dreams and aspirations. However, as technology advances rapidly, one may wonder if automation and artificial intelligence can replace what human advisors bring to the table.

In this episode of Connected, we talk with John Ndege, a former Facebook employee and founder of Pocket Risk, and currently the Founder of Rapid Reply. John shares his journey from working at Facebook to building risk-tolerance software for financial advisors. We discuss the importance of human connections in the wealth management industry and how technology can enhance the client-advisor relationship.

Having seen a good amount of diversity in his career, John shares his insights about the differences between the US, EU, and UK wealth management industries and the impact of AI on business culture and productivity.

John also talks about his current venture, Rapid Reply, an AI email system that saves business owners time by helping them write emails faster.

Join us as we discuss:

[02:18] – John’s experience working at Facebook.
[03:49] – Why John is a big fan of the wealth management industry.
[06:54] – John’s journey from Facebook to building Pocket Risk.
[09:19] – Nuances between wealth management in the UK, EU, and US.
[11:40] – The scale and acquisition of Pocket Risk.
[12:29] – The creation of Rapid Reply.
[15:05] – The impact of AI on business culture and productivity.
[16:59] – The most popular AI tools that provide immediate results.
[18:38] – Ways to connect with John and learn more about his work.


Key Takeaways

The wealth management industry is about helping people live the lives they want, not just about financial returns.
Trust and human connections are essential in the wealth management industry and cannot be replaced by technology.
AI can be used to improve productivity and efficiency in business workflows, such as email management and document summarization.
The future of AI lies in enterprise workflows and automating manual, repetitive tasks to make businesses more scalable.



“Wealth management is about helping people live the lives they want, not just about financial returns.” ~ John Ndege

“Human connections are often a lot more powerful when it comes to getting things done and making progress on our planet than technology.” ~ John Ndege

“As AI becomes popular, the edge becomes more and more the human relationship. Your connection with your clients or niche will be even more important.” ~ John Ndege



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