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Episode 012: Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are becoming important as the world of finance undergoes a rapid digital transformation. They specialize in compliance, security, and support, ensuring that the firm’s technology aligns with regulatory requirements while providing a seamless user experience. As the changing regulatory environment presents challenges and opportunities for firms to enhance their cybersecurity and compliance practices, partnering with the right MSP helps firms build a more secure, fully supported, and highly scalable industry.

In this episode of Connected, Kyle is joined by Stephen Simons, Chief Executive Officer at Restyn. They discuss how an MSP (Managed Service Provider) can help wealth management firms with IT, security, and compliance. An entrepreneur with strong strategic planning, critical thinking, and technology solution delivery skills, Stephen emphasizes the need for a strategic approach to IT. He highlights the benefits of using an MSP, such as access to expertise, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Stephen also shares the recent changes in the regulatory environment for cybersecurity and the importance of adopting the Zero Trust model.


Join us as we discuss:

[01:42] – How Stephen got into the field of IT, security, and compliance.
[05:00] – What MSP stands for.
[06:23] – What an MSP company does.
[09:09] – How to identify a good MSP.
[12:25] – MSP vs. in-house IT staff.
[15:35] – The Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity.
[20:19] – Balancing security and user experience in authentication.
[23:31] – Preventing fires rather than constantly fighting them.
[28:37] – The benefits of using Snowflake.
[34:03] – Stephen’s Eagle Scout experience.
[36:25] – Why Stephen painted his fingernails blue.


Key Takeaways

MSPs provide comprehensive IT support, including compliance, security, and support, allowing firms to focus on their core business.
The regulatory environment for cybersecurity is constantly evolving, and it is crucial for firms to stay up-to-date and implement the necessary measures.
Zero Trust is a security approach that focuses on verifying and validating every user and device, providing a more secure and convenient user experience.
Snowflake is a powerful tool that allows firms to integrate data from different vendors and create a unified view of their business, improving decision-making and efficiency.



“Rather than getting caught up in just the technology, unmitigated by the human story around it, I like to see the human impact and understand how people are using technology and how they are trying to get an advantage for themselves, their businesses, and their enterprises using it.” ~ Stephen Simons

“Helping folks realize that there’s a huge competitive advantage waiting for them in those most mundane decisions and helping them set up a stack and an infrastructure that’s stable, scalable, secure, and the competitive advantage for their businesses is a lot of fun for us.” ~ Stephen Simons

“Imagine not being married to a vendor because of the data they hold over your head. Instead, being able to choose the vendors you want as your needs change because your data is intact throughout whatever transition you choose is an incredibly empowering thing.” ~ Stephen Simons



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