Episode 031: On this week’s episode of The Connected Advisor, I talk with Brett Bernstein, CEO & Co-Founder at XML Financial Group.

Brett is an active financial advisor assisting clients with his holistic approach to goal-setting and problem-solving. We talk about the importance of technology and innovation in wealth management and the need for firms to invest in people, compliance, and marketing. Brett also shares his insights on the industry’s future, including the consolidation trends and the shift toward growth.

Key takeaways from this episode:

Wealth management firms need to invest in technology and innovation to meet the expectations of younger clients.

Mergers and acquisitions will continue to be prevalent in the industry, driven by the aging advisor population and the need for succession planning.

The future of the wealth management industry will require firms to invest in people, technology, compliance, and marketing to stay competitive and capture new opportunities.

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Kyle Van Pelt