Episode 006: The art of building strong connections in the wealth management industry transcends the conventional boundaries of finance. Building better relationships entails a commitment to understanding the needs and aspirations of others.

In this episode of Connected, we talk with Brad Johnson, Principal and Co-Founder of Triad Partners. Brad shares his insights on building better connections and the future of the insurance industry. He emphasizes the importance of putting others first and seeking to understand their needs.

On the topic of insurance, we focus on the need for financial advisors to have a diverse toolbox of financial tools and connected technology to provide the best service to clients. Brad believes that there is a growing demand for insurance products, particularly among the aging baby boomer population.

Also, Brad talks about his podcast, Do Business. Do Life. The show is about helping financial advisors create unlimited growth and freedom in their life and business and do it faster than ever.


Join us as we discuss:

[01:17] – Introduction to Brad Johnson and how he got into the advisory industry.
[03:52] – Brad’s advice on building better connections.
[10:57] – How to build long-lasting connections with high-status people.
[15:11] – What it means to add value to high-status people.
[20:17] – Creating epic experiences for clients.
[23:13] – Building connections and creating great experiences at in-person events.
[30:37] – How advisors should think about insurance.
[36:48] – Future of the insurance industry.
[45:27] – The art of selling.
[51:05] – What hard work looks like in today’s era of knowledge work.
[56:12] – What Do Business. Do Life podcast is all about.


Key Takeaways

  1. Building strong connections requires putting others first and seeking to understand their needs.
  2. Advisors can uncover the prospect’s goals and dreams by asking thoughtful questions and listening actively.
  3. This deeper understanding allows advisors to create personalized financial plans that align with the prospect’s values and aspirations.
  4. The key to building deep connections is to go beyond the initial meeting and continue the conversation, show gratitude, and add value to the relationship.
  5. The insurance industry is transforming significantly, with the aging baby boomer population driving the demand for insurance products.



“In business, if you start with the end in mind, whether it’s a podcast, how do I serve the listener? Whether it’s your business model, how do I serve the end client first? If you help enough other people get what they want, you’ll get what you want in life.” ~ Brad Johnson

“The core of connection is understanding first. You have to seek to understand.” ~ Brad Johnson

“The more you know about people, the more you know what makes them tick, which means you can do special cool things to connect on a different level.” ~ Brad Johnson



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